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Name Potawatomi

Associated Records

Image of 1959.139.114 - Moccasin

1959.139.114 - Moccasin

Pair of moccasins; beaded; buckskin with velvet on flaps and instep; velvet is black decorated with maroon, pink, white, yellow, blue, purple, and orange beads in floral pattern. Probably Potawatomi (Wisconsin).

Image of 1966.014.005 - Moccasin

1966.014.005 - Moccasin

1 - pair of moccasins; Potawatomi tribe, Wisconsin. Made of natural deerskin, beaded on instep w/ light and dark blue, red, pink, green, and white beads in floral design. Buckskin thongs and bias weave beaded yarn tassels attached.

Image of 1966.014.026 - Moccasin

1966.014.026 - Moccasin

1 - Pair of Moccasins: Potawatomi tribe, Kansas. Made of buckskin with hand sewn seam from toe up instep with beaded flaps. Inner flap shows geometric design in white, yellow black and blue beads on red beaded background. Outer flap shows geometric design in orange, yellow and white beads in blue beaded background.

Image of 1966.014.055 - Moccasin

1966.014.055 - Moccasin

1 - Pair of Moccasins: woman's, Potawatomi tribe, Kansas. Made of buckskin, flap extends over entire foot. Flap is beaded with light and dark blue, yellow, orange, green, white, amber, red, pink, brown beads in floral design.

Image of 1979.096.207 - Moccasin

1979.096.207 - Moccasin

1 - Pair of men's moccasins. 1 piece construction. Wide ankle flaps. Shield-shaped decoration on vamp, with fleur-de-lis shapes of pink & green, turquoise and yellow beads, traces of dark cloth, outline of yellow beads. Flaps edged with black wool, outlined in pink beads, patterns different on each flap. Tiny brass thimble strung on a cord inside. Probably Pottawatomi.