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Image of 1955.272.211 - Postcard

1955.272.211 - Postcard

Black and white postcard depicting the interior of the Standard Drug Store, with display cases and a long bar at the soda fountain.

Image of 1959.002.001 - Recipe

1959.002.001 - Recipe

Mounted, handwritten recipe for cologne on stationery from Frederick Stearns, printed by the Calvert Lithographing Company, including an image of Stearns' storefront location at 71 Woodward Avenue beside A.C. McGraw and Company. The note is mounted on heavy yellow cardstock.

Image of 1988.058.001 - Book

1988.058.001 - Book

Leather bound book containing handwritten pharmaceutical recipes. Some of the notable recipes include perfumes; cold cream; coral tooth powder; depilatory powder; sulphurior ink; oil soap; acetate of opium; venice turpentine; a cough mixture; tooth paste; laxative pills; corn salve; sweet almond soap; rose geranium hair tonic; nitrate of lead or DeBoynes Disinfecting Fluid; toothache drops; an injection for gonorrhea; Buruell's Dinner Pills; Bristol's Worm Red, "a safe and effectual remedy for worms;" Currie Powder, Bristol's Saponaceous Chlorine Dentrifice; Bristol's Concocted Fluid Extract of Senna; Syr of Sanguin'ia; Cerate Cantharad's; Bristol's Balsam of Hoarhound; Bristol's Eye Water;

Image of 1988.058.002 - Book

1988.058.002 - Book

Book, bound in an unmarked greenish cover, containing numerous handwritten pharmaceutical recipes. Among the handwritten entries, several printed recipes have also been pasted to pages. A passage denouncing quackery and detailing a pharmacist tried for manslaughter after prescribing Morrison's Pills, presumably clipped from a newspaper is also included. Inside the back cover are clippings continuing the story about Morrison's Pills, extolling the "Virtues of Sarsaparilla," taken from the Detroit Daily Free Press, and an advertisement for Bailey's Chemical Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, sold by "Bfnj'n Le Briton at No. 107 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. "Hayes & Bristol Recipe

Image of 2004.060.009 - Letter

2004.060.009 - Letter

Two handwritten letters, written back to back over two pages of blue paper, the first from T.R. Spence to David Birrell concerning a job for Birrell's son also named David, and the second from the senior David Birrell to his son forwarding the previous letter along concerning the job. The letters read as follows: Detroit, May 4th 1853 Mr. Birrell Dear Sir, I had the pleasure of receiving yours of 25th all in due season and owe an apology for not acknowledging it earlier. I have been very busy reserving goods and have alas been some what at a loss in regard to the time that I can do without David which will account for the delay. It affords me pleasure that my proposal met with your a

Image of 2008.112.182 - Print

2008.112.182 - Print

Small brownish-grey shaded print of an illustration entitled, "Woodward Ave. looking north from Campus Martins [sic]" The view is indeed north along Woodward Avenue from Campus Martius. A pharmacy, identified by its large mortar and pestle-shaped sign is at the corner of Woodward and Michigan Avenue. A horse-drawn carriage heads north, while a woman and child cross the street, heading east. The steeple of Central United Methodist is visible in the distance.

Image of 2012.045.210 - License, Occupational

2012.045.210 - License, Occupational

Certificate declaring that Andrew P. Young has paid the annual dues for membership in the National Association of Retail Druggists, issued on April 24, 1928. It is signed by Samuel C. Henry, the group's secretary, and William A. Oren, the president. The license is mounted on linen.

Image of 2012.045.208 - License, Occupational

2012.045.208 - License, Occupational

Certificate declaring that Andrew P. Young's pharmacy at 1977 Grand River Avenue is licensed by the Michigan Board of Pharmacy for 1921. The signature of Charles D. Koon, the secretary, is at the lower right.

Image of 2012.045.209 - License, Occupational

2012.045.209 - License, Occupational

Certificate declaring that Andrew P. Young's pharmacy at 1977 Grand River Avenue is licensed by the Michigan Board of Pharmacy for 1931. The signature of G.M. Benedict, the director, is at the lower right. The license is mounted on linen.

Image of 2012.045.234 - Booklet

2012.045.234 - Booklet

Small 95 page booklet written by Frederick Humphreys, M.D. providing medical advice, always centering around his own line of numbered remedies, for a variety of ailments. A veterinary section is also included. The back section of the booklet is dedicated to advertisements for Humphreys' Homeopathic Medicine Company. A photograph of a nurse graces the front cover. The back cover advertises the availability of Humphreys' products through Charles W. Wing, Drugs and Chemicals at 838 Fort Street, Detroit, Michigan.

Image of 2012.045.235 - Booklet

2012.045.235 - Booklet

Small 56 page booklet bound in a red cardstock cover, published by the Detroit Homoeopathic Pharmacy, located on 239 East Grand River Avenue, and operated by John J. Mitchell. In the first section ailments are listed along with several suggested remedies corresponded to specific symptoms. The next section is organized by medicine with what it can be used to treat printed below. The final sections deal with specially prepared medicines for specific ailments, and veterinary medicine. A map to Mitchell's store is provided on the back cover.

Image of 2012.045.247 - Card, Trade

2012.045.247 - Card, Trade

Trade card advertising Pond's Extract Vegetable Pain Destroyer with a color illustration of a young boy and girl on a beach. The boy wears a monocle, has a cane and holds a box, presumably of the medication. The girl has wings, holds a pair of pince-nez spectacles in one hand, and an umbrella over the boy with the other. Gulls fly over the waves. "Fred'K Rohnert, Druggist, 455 Jefferson St., Detroit, Mich." is printed along the top border of the recto. The verso contains am acrostic using the phrase "Pond's Extract," where each letter stands for an ailment it can allegedly treat. There is also a brief poem warning against counterfeit products. "Selma Beer," is handwritten in pencil at the lo

Image of 2012.045.248 - Handbill

2012.045.248 - Handbill

Handbill advertising Clark's Riverside Mineral Springs Bath House at West Fort Street and Clark Avenue. The recto includes an illustration of the establishment done by the Van Leyen Company of Detroit, a brief list of ailments the baths can soothe, an analysis of the minerals in the water, prices, and the names of the proprietor, A.S. Clark, and the manager, Robert Irwin. The verso includes a list of runners and times for a two mile steeplechase, an illustration of a woman in a dress and large hat, an advertisement for Farrand, Williams, and Clark Wholesale Druggists at 32-33 Woodward Avenue, and an advertisement for Cafe Swan at 89 Woodward Avenue. "C. 10-1-1890," is handwritten in pen at th

Image of 2008.033.213 - Print, Photographic

2008.033.213 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photographic print mounted on board depicting a display window at Trancik's drugstore on the north side of Michigan Avenue. Paintings, a rack of paperback books and various other items visible through store window. Unlit neon sign reading "Prescriptions, Drugs" hangs in the window. An awning over the window reads "Trancik's, 7000". A neon sign above the awning reads "Prescriptions". Dated April 1982.

Image of 2008.033.216 - Print, Photographic

2008.033.216 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photographic print mounted on board depicting Trancik's Drugs on the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Larkins Street, with three pedestrians in front. Signs on the building read "Milton A. Raskin, D.O., Phyisician - Surgeon","Package Liquor Store", "Drugs; Prescriptions", "Steven T. Stokfisz, Attorney at Law", "Dr. H.J. Komajda, Dentist", and "Trancik's, 7000". Dated April, 1982.

Image of 2008.033.474 - Print, Photographic

2008.033.474 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photographic print mounted on board depicting the pharmacy in the basement of St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital. Three rows of shelves hold bottles and boxes of medication. Papers are taped to the sides of the shelves, and stools sit between shelves. Dated March, 1981.

Image of 2008.112.178 - Print, Photographic

2008.112.178 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photographic image reprinted on photopaper depicting the row of storefronts along the west side of Woodward Avenue from Clifford Street, south to Grand River Avenue. At the corner of Woodward and Clifford is the pharmacy of James Vernor, as well as E.M. Wright, Dental Rooms. A store advertising painting and wallpaper, a meat market, and Kirchberg, Wintermalter and Keenan Furniture are further down the street. Several sandwich board signs are posted along the sidewalk. A pair of horse-drawn wagons are on the south end of the block. Streetcar tracks run along Woodward Avenue. "Looking SW, Kirchberg, 213 Woodward @ Gr. River, Founded 1873, Original Vernors, 235 Woodward" handwr

Image of 2009.019.158 - Print, Photographic

2009.019.158 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a street view of West Warren Avenue at McGraw. Automobiles are parked and are adjacent to the thoroughfare. Adjacent to the avenue are many businesses including Kay Drugs, The West Side Florist, and Flemings Beauty School. A closed restaurant is on the opposing street corner.

Image of 2009.019.169 - Print, Photographic

2009.019.169 - Print, Photographic

Sepia-toned photograph of the 7300 block of Grand River illuminated at night. Automobiles are visible on the thoroughfare; the businesses adjacent to the avenue include Economical Drug Stores, and the Holbrook Market. A doctor's office is located above the drug store. A Detroit Creamery Billboard is affixed to the roof of the structure.

Image of 2009.019.176 - Print, Photographic

2009.019.176 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a store located at 4th Avenue and Warren advertising, "Greatest On Earth, Mothers White Bone Liniment, For All Aches and Pains, Mother's Cold & Cough Syrup, For Any Cold or Cough." Also advertised are cures for arthritis, bronchitis, sciatica, flu, grippe, blood-poison, great on feet; Oil Up Your Feet, psoriasis, corns, callouses, and lumbago; We stop Colds, Coughs Quick; and the proprietor is also a Notary Public [Public Notary]. Written on verso, "4th Avenue south of Warren, Detroit, 1943, by R. Condit."

Image of 2009.019.178 - Print, Photographic

2009.019.178 - Print, Photographic

Sepia-toned photograph of West Grand Boulevard and Grand River. Cunningham's Drug Store is adjacent to the intersection. Dr. Bleier, Physician and Surgeon, occupies the space above Cunningham's, adjacent to Cunningham's is Tuxedo Shoes, Red Robin, and Webster Cigars. The Northwestern Service Building is next to Cunningham's and houses an art school. Affixed above Cunningham's is an advertisement for Detroit Creamery Irradiated Milk, and Velvet Brand Ice Cream. 31973

Image of 2009.019.210 - Print, Photographic

2009.019.210 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Kinsel Drugs on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Griswold Street. Located above Kinsel Drug Store is McArthur Dentist; other businesses adjacent to the dentist and drug store are the Brass Rail, an orthopedic specialist, and Vitaphone Talking Pictures. Pedestrians linger around the entrance to the store. Printed on the recto in the lower right corner is the image sequence number and date, "41399, Nov. 7, 1940." Also, stamped on the verso, "Smith Brothers, Commercial Photographers, Arcadia Building, Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan."

Image of 2009.019.592 - Print, Photographic

2009.019.592 - Print, Photographic

Black and white street view photograph from a glass plate negative of the northwest corner of Woodward Avenue and Adams Street. Pedestrians cross the street in front of a drug store, as others walk down the sidewalk. Businesses include H.J. Neumann, Importer, Tailor; and Pittmans & Dean Co.

Image of 2012.022.571 - Print, Photographic

2012.022.571 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photo of the Woodward Avenue entrance to the Maccabees Building as shot from the east side of Woodward. The window of J.W. Lyons, Pharmacist is to the left of the entrance, and that of the National Bank of Detroit is to the right. A Detroit Free Press vendor stands with a bundle of papers stands to the right of the entrance. The clock above the entrance reads 9:24. "1-10-37," is handwritten on the verso along with a AAA Automobile Club of Michigan stamp.

Image of 2013.046.021 - Transparency, Slide

2013.046.021 - Transparency, Slide

Slide bearing a color photo taken facing east along the sidewalk on the north side of West Jefferson Avenue in Delray between Cary Street and West End Street. The storefronts of the Delray Pharmacy, Fox Hardware, and Mark Furniture are in view. A phone booth is in the sidewalk beside Fox Hardware. Pedestrians walk along the sidewalk. This slide is part of the May 1973 slideshow Delray Community and Change" slideshow presented by the Detroit Historical Museum in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities Youthgrants Division.