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Image of 1945.112.001 - Postcard

1945.112.001 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting two images of the interior of The Avenue Servself. One shows customers and staff at tables in the dining area, and the other shows the line and counter to get food. Printed on verso: The Avenue Servself, 84 Woodward Avenue, corner of Larned Street, is one of Detroit's newest and best patronized of quick lunches. Thousands of people are served in this up-to-date restaurant daily. Tempting well-cooked dishes are displayed on large serving counters from which customers select their food. The Avenue appeals particularly to visitors and tourists, street cars from all depots and steamboat docks passing the door. This restaurant is one of the many high-class quick lunches o

Image of 1946.195.001 - Placemat

1946.195.001 - Placemat

Paper placemat from the Hotel Webster Hall. The placemat is printed in brown on off-white paper, and had scalloped edges. The corners feature half-tone photos of the interiors of four rooms--the English Lounge, cocktail bar, swimming pool, and the air-conditioned Cocktail Grill. An illustration of the exterior of the building, along with the hotel's crest are printed in the center of the mat.

Image of 1955.272.210 - Postcard

1955.272.210 - Postcard

Black and white postcard depicting two images of the Berlin Bar. One shows the inside with several men sitting and standing, and the other shows the building from the street with four men standing in front and a sign reading "Fine Wine, Cigars and Tobacco". Printed on recto: Fritz Schafus, Prop. We Keep the best of everything. 172 Michigan Avenue, near Second Street. Tel Park 301-R.

Image of 1965.046.001 - Film, Motion Picture

1965.046.001 - Film, Motion Picture

Silent black and white 16mm film of the Detroit Historical Museum's "Design on Wheels" exhibit in Dodge Hall. The film focuses on the exhibit's automobiles and two animated dioramas of factory scenes. The film opens with the museum's director Henry Brown entering the museum through the Woodward Avenue entrance. After an establishing shot of the exhibit taken from the hall's second floor balcony, a series of scene begins, each focusing on a single vehicle. Brown is shown inspecting, and even sitting inside of several of the cars. The film shows the 1913 Scripps Booth Bi-Autogo (1960.169.002), the reconstruction of Charles Brady King's 1896 car (1957.160.001), a close-up of an engine, an ea

Image of 1988.016.002n - Postcard

1988.016.002n - Postcard

Color postcard depicting two images of Kartsen's restaurant. One shows the dining room and the other the building from the street. Printed on recto: Just South of Grand Circus Park; Established Feb. 16th, 1915; 1548-50 Woodward Avenue; Detroit, Michigan Printed on verso: The Cafeteria; Serve-Self, 10:30 A.M. thru 8:00 P.M. The Cascade Room; Waitress and bar Service, 11:00 A.M. thru 9:00 P.M. Pleasant prices in both dining rooms; also air-conditioned. The people of Detroit have been served the best foods the market affords, tastily prepared since 1915. Here is Detroit's most beautiful and most complete restaurant and oldest cafeteria in Michigan. In kitchens and bakeries is the most moder

Image of 1991.064.587 - Scrapbook

1991.064.587 - Scrapbook

Scrapbook containing black and white photographs from the first open house plant trip at the Champion Spark Plug Co. Ceramic Division facilities on October 26, 1947. It includes a newsletter and brochure about the open house, and images of Ceramic Division exhibits arranged by foremen, and various views of visitors and demonstrators during the open house.

Image of 2012.020.268 - Postcard

2012.020.268 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the lobby of the Cadillac Hotel.

Image of 2000.029.010c - Postcard

2000.029.010c - Postcard

Color photographic postcard depicting three images of The Windjammer restaurant. Two show the dining room and bar, and the third shows the entrance from the street. Printed on verso: Windjammer Seafood Restaurant; The Windjammer; 18200 Woodward Avenue (Between 6 & 7 Mile Rd.) Detroit, Michigan. (313) 869-5254

Image of 2012.046.678 - Postcard

2012.046.678 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting tanks of fish in the Aquarium on Belle Isle.

Image of 2006.011.001 - Blotter

2006.011.001 - Blotter

Beige cardstock blotter advertising the Hotel Tuller. A sideways half-tone photo of the interior of one of its rooms is printed on the left edge of the blotter. The copy on the blotter reads: Single Rooms with Private Bath, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 No Higher. Cafeteria, Oyster Bar and Other Smart Dining Rooms Parking and Garage Facilities Hotel Tuller in the Heart of Detroit Facing Grand Circus Park C.R. Taylor, Managing Director Robert Hensley, Resident Manager

Image of 2007.050.053 - Postcard

2007.050.053 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the underground concourse inside Michigan Central Station.

Image of 2009.004.216 - Postcard

2009.004.216 - Postcard

Color photographic postcard depicting two interior views of Victor Lim's Restaurant. The top image shows the dining area, and the bottom image shows the bar. Printed on verso: Victor Lim's Restaurant, 48 West Adams - Detroit, Michigan 48226, Exotic Chinese - Excellent American Food, Famous Exotic Cocktails. Photo & Artwork by Joel E. Feiner, Detroit Plastichrome by Colourpicture, Boston, Mass.

Image of 2009.010.032 - Postcard

2009.010.032 - Postcard

Color photographic postcard depicting the interior of the Gem Theatre, facing the rear balcony. Printed on verso: "What you get is perfection in relative miniature. There is a noble feeling involved, as it a show here were a private showing for you and 449 peers beneath a ceiling of gilded frescoes." Lawrence DeVine, Free Press Theater Critic The Gem is located across Woodward from the fabulous Fox and it not the home of Detroit's finest entertainment.

Image of 2010.004.097 - Print, Photographic

2010.004.097 - Print, Photographic

Halftone black and white print of a photograph depicting the interior of the offices of the Merchants Credit Bureau, located within the Merchants Building on the east corner of Grand River Avenue and Broadway Avenue. The company's switchboard operators on both sides of a long bank of switchboards. In the background several employees work at individual desks. "1552-3W," is printed in the lower right corner. The names of several employees--Ann Bodik, Lydia, Mary Harper, Leona Williams, [Elisabeth] Dunbar, Estelle [Koehler], and [Lloyd] Miller--are handwritten near their image. "December 1927, Merchants Credit Bureau," is handwritten on the verso.

Image of 2010.004.374 - Postcard

2010.004.374 - Postcard

Black and white postcard depicting the lobby of the Guardian Building from stairs leading to a lower level. Printed on verso: Pub. By F.H. Mill, Dearborn, Mich.

Image of 2010.022.004 - Postcard

2010.022.004 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the interior of the Graystone Ballroom from the balcony, facing the stage.

Image of 2010.024.013 - Postcard

2010.024.013 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the interior of the Conservatory on Belle Isle, with a pond and many potted plants. Printed on verso: Horticultural Building, Belle Isle. Detroit's principal recreation spot is an island in the Detroit river connecting with the city by a bridge, 8 feet less than half a mile in length. It comprises 702 acres, is over two miles long and boasts over 20 miles of fine macadam roadway. A fine zoo, aquarium, horticultural building, swimming and skating pavilions, casino and boat livery are in connection. The city has expended over $1,500,000 on it since its purchase in 1879. Handwritten message on verso, postmarked Jun 20, 1912.

Image of 2010.024.028 - Postcard

2010.024.028 - Postcard

Black and white postcard depicting an assembly line in the Ford River Rouge factory. Printed on verso: AN ASSEMBLY LINE OF THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY. The assembly line is always a point of interest to visitors of the Rouge Plant. Here, on a moving conveyor, Ford cars are completely assembled, from chassis to finished car, and driven off the line under their own power. In addition to the Rouge Plant, there are 31 assembly lines in company branches throughout the United States. Printed by The Garraway Company, Rutherford, New Jersey.

Image of 2010.073.006 - Postcard

2010.073.006 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting a view along the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel, with a train car in the background. Printed on verso: Interior of Detroit River Tunnel, Detroit, Mich. The Detroit River Tunnel was built for the M. C. R. R. at a cost of $8,500,000. It is 1 3/8 miles in length. Construction was started in July 1906 and completed July 1, 1910. Electricity, the third rail system, furnishes the motive power for the engines.

Image of 2012.020.070 - Postcard

2012.020.070 - Postcard

Black and white postcard depicting the interior of St. Madeleine Sophie's Chapel at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Printed on verso: St. Madeleine Sophie's Chapel, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Lawrence Avenue, Detroit 6, Mich. Handwritten message on verso.

Image of 2012.020.096 - Postcard

2012.020.096 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the nave of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, facing the narthex.

Image of 2012.020.097 - Postcard

2012.020.097 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the apse in Sweetest Heart of Mary Church. Printed on verso: Interior Sacred heart of Mary Church, Detroit, Mich. Sacred Heart of Mary Church is located corner of Rusell [sic] and Canfield and is one of the finest Roman Catholic Churches in Detroit. Handwritten message on verso, postmarked Nov 17, 1916.

Image of 2012.020.117 - Postcard

2012.020.117 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting lobby of the Elks Temple.

Image of 2012.020.125 - Postcard

2012.020.125 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the interior of the League of Catholic Women's Activities Building.

Image of 2012.020.145 - Postcard

2012.020.145 - Postcard

Black and white photographic postcard depicting the indoor swimming pool at the Young Women's Christian Association, with several women in and around the pool.

Image of 2012.020.149 - Postcard

2012.020.149 - Postcard

Black and white photographic postcard depicting an interior dining area of the Young Women's Christian Association Homestead. Handwritten message on verso, postmarked Jan 24, 1913.

Image of 2012.020.213 - Postcard

2012.020.213 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the interior of John Breitmeyer Sons florist shop. Printed on verso is a blank order form.

Image of 2012.020.174 - Postcard

2012.020.174 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the Fluid Extract Department at the Ray Chemical Co., with several vats, bottles, jugs, mortars and pestles. Printed on verso is a purchase order receipt. Postmarked May 13, 1911.

Image of 2012.020.201 - Postcard

2012.020.201 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting a furniture display at The Posselius Bros. Furniture Co. Printed on verso: Our Mr […] will call upon you about [4/10/14] with a full line of Extension tables and Dining-Room Suites. The Posselius Bros. Furniture Co., Detroit Mich. Postmarked Mar 28, 1914.

Image of 2012.020.207 - Postcard

2012.020.207 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting the interior of a Hammond Standish & Co. beef cooler. Several men are looking at the hanging carcasses, some of which have wreaths attached. Handwritten message on verso, postmarked Sep 14, 1917.