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Image of 1952.099.006 - Condenser, Variable

1952.099.006 - Condenser, Variable

Variable Condenser. Wood, glass, metal, and polished rubber top. Top features a gauge with an arrow and dial. The dial reads from left to right with hash marks, 150 - 0 in increments of five. A brass tag above the dial reads "Electrical Instruments MFD. by Thos. E. Clark, Detroit, Mich." Top also features handle and two electro-magnetic nodes along with a central shaft which states "Clark System Patent Pending." Body is made of a cylinder of glass which encases 15 moveable polished aluminum plates. As the plates revolved, they changed the size or capacity of the condenser. Nickel-plated rods hold the top and bottom together. Bottom consists of a graduated round wood base. Used

Image of 1960.168.002 - Amplifier

1960.168.002 - Amplifier

Field Amplifier. Composed of wood and metal; olive green with black metal trim, brass rivets, and brass corner hardware; three hinges on rear; two hook and claps on front with a latch and hook lock front center for a pad or combination lock. Stenciled on front and back in cream numbers and letters with, "WWJ Detroit News Portable Amplifier;" left and right elevations are stenciled with "C-5, WWJ;" "C-5" is also stenciled on top of the amplifier case. Top of case features a brown leather handle. First used in 1936 for remote broadcast purposes. This can operate off of a storage batter for 110 AC current; a telephone line would be connected to amplifier and program would be sent via telephon

Image of 1960.168.006 - Radio Component

1960.168.006 - Radio Component

Battery case. Wooden blue-green rectangular case with edges reinforced by metal strips; leather handle on top; both large faces are stenciled in white with "WWJ, The Detroit News, Portable Power Supply;" both short faces are stenciled with the number "5;" additionally one of these faces has a female plug near its top, and an additional metal plate at its bottom.