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Image of 1952.099.006 - Condenser, Variable

1952.099.006 - Condenser, Variable

Variable Condenser. Wood, glass, metal, and polished rubber top. Top features a gauge with an arrow and dial. The dial reads from left to right with hash marks, 150 - 0 in increments of five. A brass tag above the dial reads "Electrical Instruments MFD. by Thos. E. Clark, Detroit, Mich." Top also features handle and two electro-magnetic nodes along with a central shaft which states "Clark System Patent Pending." Body is made of a cylinder of glass which encases 15 moveable polished aluminum plates. As the plates revolved, they changed the size or capacity of the condenser. Nickel-plated rods hold the top and bottom together. Bottom consists of a graduated round wood base. Used

Image of 1952.099.007 - Condenser, Variable

1952.099.007 - Condenser, Variable

Variable Condenser. Top and bottom of condenser are hexagonal in shape and made of an early polymer plastic. Top features two nickel-plated handles and six rods that hold the condenser's top and bottom together. A central dial on the top reads "Clark System Pat's Pending." Below this central dial is a brass tag which reads "Electrical Instruments MFD. by Thos. E. Clark, Detroit, Mich." A gauge is included on top which is metered from left to right, 15 to 0, in increments of 10 with an indication arrow for the meter. On either side of the gauge at opposite ends are four electro-magnetic nodes. The four nodes lead in to the glass cylinder body which holds 14 aluminum plates. The base i

Image of 2012.044.277 - Print, Photographic

2012.044.277 - Print, Photographic

Sepia-toned photo of a variety of Tecla Company, Incorporated radio equipment displayed across and around several tables. Speakers, condensers, receivers, transmitters, headphones, and gauges are among the pieces. Tecla Company, Incorporated, Radio Department boxes are used as stands for several pieces. Frames containing photos, clippings, and documents are hung in the background against a divider in the room. The room has a wooden floor, painted brick walls, timber ceiling supports, and several windows are visible beyond the divider. "Tecla Co. Inc." and "47863" are printed in the lower right corner of the photo. The photo is mounted on linen. "Manning Bros. Commercial Photographers,