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Catalog Number 1965.231.013
Object Name Print, Photographic
Title Commanders of American Lake Steamships
Scope & Content Photograph. Sepia-toned composite photo that shows the members of the International Shipmasters' Association in 1894. The photo includes oval-shaped, head and shoulders portraits of 154 captains. The name of the captain and the name of his ship are shown beneath each portrait. A small engraved drawing entitled, "Neptune Calming the Seas," is shown at the center of the composite. A small note at the center lower edge of the composite shows "Copyright, 1894, By J. H. Bowles, 94 Reade St., N.Y."

Names that are repeated twice include: "D. McLachlan" (captains) and "City of Cleveland" (ships).
Date 1894
People Bowles, J. H.
Stewart, W.G.
Reynolds, Hugh
Shay, E.B.
Gain, A.H.
Rattray, E.T.
Neville, Richard
Kennedy, James
Cowley, Robert J.
Allen, C.C.
Smartwood, C.M.
Godsell, William C.
Gillies, Donald
Stone, James
Lyons, S.A.
Dawley, W.W.
Byers, J.C.
Francke, C.H.
Tinney, M.
Boothman, Fred G.
Harber, M.J.
Symes, J.C.
Atwood, S.N.
Houghton, F.P.
Mulholland, M.
McLachlan, D.
Mack, William S.
Wilford, Thomas
Brown, C.W.
Montague, C.Z.
Hutchinson, C.L.
Rae, F.C.
Murphy, Henry
McKenzie, A.
Ferguson, H.H.
Hagan, John
Bennett, Harry
Lewis, C.H.
McNelley, W.H.
Duncanson, D.J.
Brown, W.C.
Morgan, J.W.
Stough, L.
Green, Orville W.
Greenley, A.J.
Walsh, James A.
Mills, H.L.
Jones, Thomas
Mansfield, Ira B.
Young, R.
McDonald, A.J.
Kilby, W.H.
Cottrell, J.P.
Berow, J.H.
Clossey, John M.
Millen, P.L.
Ballentine, E.D.
Chamberlain, B.C.
Cowin, Wm. H.
Todd, J.M.
Campau, W.H.
Mallory, G.B.
Galvin, M.J.
Drury, Robert
Miller, Hugh O.
Dowdell, P.
Peterson, J.D.
Meikleham, Thomas
Maytham, E.C.
McGregor, W.B.
Folan, Michael
Sullivan, D.C.
Coleman, J.H.
Tyrney, John
Welcome, F.D.
Brown, F.H.
Jones, V.
Weeks, J.L.
Robinson, Walter
Root, H.
Lowe, James B.
Herrick, T.C.
Hoffman, Fred
Ames, W.M.
Stover, J.H.
Stone, Henry W.
Golden, Samuel
Huff, A.E.
Corcoran, Joseph
Hart, F.C.
Hutton, J.T.
Stafford, Thomas H.
Bordeaux, David O.
Christy, Charles
Mooney, Edward
Clark, Alexander
Cumming, William
Edwards, John
Cochrane, John W.
Wysoon, John
Shaw, H.L.
Stevenson, Hugh
Cummings, C.H.
Frawley, James
Sterling, John
McCarthy, John
Root, Frank D.
Miner, Charles R.
Stenton, F.W.
Cottrell, W.M.
Chapman, A.C.
Lowe, John
Murch, M.H.
McCullagh, George
Minar, G.A.
Jamieson, William
Scott, Sydney
Millen, S.J.
Graser, G.
Wright, L.
Jones, S.R.
Leisk, James
McAdams, H.
Chamberlin, Wm.
Doyle, James
Stilphen, George F.
Bassett, C.H.
Garden, W.P.
Niland, M.
Hulligan, Joseph
Young, William
Nicholson, D.
Morton, Edward
Buie, Dugald
Balfour, C.C.
White, A.E.
Boyce, Leslie E.
Ryan, George W.
McCormick, Neil
Reed, A.H.
Carr, James
Warner, George
Chamberlin, C.H.
Rae, F.H.
Elliott, Lewis
Hall, J.B.
Byrne, John
Jones, B.H.
McKay, Alexander J.
Thorp, E.F.
Jackson, J.
McQueen, H.G.
Drake, A.B.
Benham, W.P.
Extent of Description 32.75" x 27.875"
Collection Maritime
Search Terms Ship Captains
International Shipmasters' Association
SS C. F. Bielman
SS Lora
SS W. L. Frost
SS Bulgaria
SS Specular
SS J. W. Moore
SS Badger State
SS Roumania
SS Castalia
SS J. H. Wade
SS Saxon
SS Syracuse
SS Mark Hopkins
SS Yakima
SS Hawatha
SS City of Cleveland
SS Alcona
SS Northern Light
SS Cadillac
SS City of Venice
SS George Stone
SS City of the Straits
SS V. H. Ketcham
SS Sam Mitchell
SS Arthur Orr
SS C. W. Elphicke
SS Russia
SS Delaware
SS Wyoming
SS Cherokee
SS Folsom
SS John C. Gault
SS Jesse H. Farwell
SS Centurion
SS Australasia
SS Pasadena
SS Griffin
SS Roman
SS Grecian
SS John Harper
SS Iroquois
SS Britannic
SS Cuba
SS Hudson
SS Colgate Hoyt
SS Masaba
SS Lehigh
SS Rochester
SS Joliet
SS City of Paris
SS Schoolcraft
SS John Mitchell
SS Saranac
SS North West
SS Mariposa
SS Robert Mills
SS Conestoga
SS Neosho
SS J. C. Lockwood
SS B. W. Blanchard
SS Pathfinder
SS Milwaukee
SS W. H. Wolf
SS Thomas Davidson
SS Northan King
SS Vega
SS Mohawk
SS City of Genoa
SS Chemung
SS S. C. Reynolds
SS Pontiac
SS Russell Sage
SS Maruba
SS Andaste
SS Colonial
SS La Salle
SS Idlehour
SS Gordon Campbell
SS Clarion
SS A. A. Parker
SS Avon
SS. H. J. Jewett
SS China
SS Wawatum
SS Corsica
SS State of Ohio
SS Marion
SS Gladstone
SS Selwyn Eddy
SS City of Glasgow
SS Italia
SS New York
SS Tempest No. 2
SS Wissahickon
SS Maritana
SS H. J. Johnson
SS German
SS C. J. Gould
SS Briton
SS Kaliyuga
SS Tuscarora
SS W. H. Gilbert
SS. George H. Dyer
SS J. C. Ford
SS Cayuga
SS Lyconning
SS Montana
SS Helena
SS Florida
SS Escanaba
SS Thomas W. Palmer
SS Manola
SS Tioga
SS Northern Wave
SS Brazil
SS Philip Minch
SS Tom Adams
SS Boston
SS H. W. Sibley
SS Pioneer
SS R. P. Fitzgerald
SS Oscoda
SS Vanderbilt
SS Alexander Nimick
SS White and Friant
SS E. M. Peck
SS Lewiston
SS William H. Stevens
SS Owego
SS Spokane
SS City of Detroit
SS John Owen
SS Nebraska
SS Thomas Maytham
SS H. B. Tuttle